Carlauren Membership
A new lease of lifestyle...
Membership is the only way to access the full lifestyle and privileges of Carlauren Resorts.

Our membership programme is only available to a very few. We limit the number of memberships available to ensure our Members have the flexibility to stay for as little or as long as they wish and we ensure that whatever membership options you choose, we provide a personalised and responsive service.

Our membership is designed to match your lifestyle ambitions from age 55, through retirement and in to later life so choosing the right membership package and familiarising yourself with all the services Carlauren can offer is important. We are here to help you achieve that understanding.
Membership Consultants
Essentials you need to know...
Our Membership Consultants are available to advise you on everything you need to know. We can speak to you by phone, email or even meet you in person. Just submit an enquiry with your communication preferences and leave the rest to us.
Membership Options
Levels of Membership

Different levels of membership each with a different cost. Levels vary by the range of benefits offered with higher membership tiers attracting additional resort access and a wider range of services and benefits.

Joining Fees
One-Off Fee

Membership is a one-off fee that secures your access to the benefits of Carlauren Resort facilities and services. It is also a legacy investment as your membership can be passed on to a family member as an inheritance.

Resort Tokens
An extra benefit

Accommodation bookings at Carlauren Resorts are paid for with our resort token, called Carlauren Coins, purchased as part of membership. Carlauren Coins were conceived to provide a secure and simple token-based mechanism to book and pay for resort rooms.

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