Gold Membership
Gold Membership
The first of our full memberships, offering an inclusive package
Gold Tier
Explore unlimited access and use of our UK resorts, along with Carlauren Coin purchase opportunities.
Gold Membership is the first tier of full membership to Carlauren Resorts. It allows access to use all UK resort facilities and accommodation at any of our UK Boutique resort locations. All our members are entitled to a full Care Assessment where we can ascertain any care or medical needs and help with planning your stays if any additional support is required.

A one-night stay at a Carlauren Boutique Resort costs from as little as 1 coin depending on choice of room type. This means with Gold Membership you will acquire up to 100 nights accommodation at our resorts. Once your coins are depleted you will be able to purchase additional coins at market price through the coin exchange or upgrade your membership tier through which additional benefits and additional access will be secured.